Apr 302017

Thank you Middleboro Police Superior Officers for you continued support to our golf classic!! You guys are the best. #MakingAmericaStronger#AngelsInAmericaGolfClassic 

Thank you W.L. Byrne for your Hole sponsorship for our 2nd annual golf classic!! Glad to have you join us! #MakingAmericaStronger 


Gift cards to a Brookline family that just learned their one year old has cancer. Wish there was more we could do.  


Gas card to a Bridgewater family who are dealing with treatments and going in and out of Boston.

$150.00 worth of propane to a Taunton senior citizen going through tough times.

Thank you New England Carpenters Labor Management Program for the Longest Drive Sponsorship. Thank you @akerstommy for being the connection.  

We were honored to be able to assist in a wonderful tribute to a Bridgewater mans volunteerism – Brian McSheffrey.  


Apr 212017

Doing our part for One Boston Day. RAK at DD in Halifax. What are you doing? Share it on our page we’d love to know. #MakingAmericaStronger

One Boston Day!! We prepaid a $100.00 at Halifax Dunkin Donuts!! What are you doing ? Make someone smile and let us know! Share it on our Facebook page. #MakingAmericaStronger

Two of our members at Acushnet Creamery for One Boston Day! FREE ice cream! What did you do? Share it on our page!

$100.00 for ice cream!! One Boston Day random act of kindness!! What was your random act? Share it with us on facebook! #MakingAmericaStronger

ONE BOSTON DAY – Find out more here


Apr 212017

Donation to a “Celebration of Life” – Rest In Peace Tim. You will be missed. #MakingAmericaStronger

Donation to the South Middleboro Protective Association! Good luck! Hope this building gets restored. #MakingAmericaStronger

$100 Walmart gift card to family in Chicago who recently lost their Dad to cancer. #MakingAmericaStronger

Donation to the Cook Quads for their upcoming fundraiser. Wishing them the best of luck. #MakingAmericaStronger

Mar 252017

To see lots more photos, go to our Facebook Page!Comedy For a Paws coming up soon!! Whose coming?? Come on out – have some laughs – spend a few $’s and show KateLynn and Jones some support!! March 25 – buy your tickets soon!! #MakingAmericaStronger

Donation from our board member, Michele Simmons brother to our “Comedy for Paws” event. Have you gotten your tickets yet? Join us!! It’s going to be a great night!

Comedy for Paws – raising money for service dogs!! #MakingAmericaStronger

Donation to our Comedy of Paws fundraiser. Amazing support. Thank you Bob Dempsey!

Amazing donation!! Thanks MaryAnne Ladd!! #MakingAmericaStronger

Feb 282017


$100.00 in Gift card to a Brockton family who recently had preemie twins and will have to be traveling back and forth. #MakingAmericaStronger

$100.00 in gas GC and $50.00 for groceries to a Middleboro family dealing with medical issues. Hoping this helps. #MakingAmericaStronger

Sent a plant to the family of our “Comedian Guy” Bob Mello. He will be missed. He brought such much laughter to the world.

$600.00 in GC to a family of a young girl who just underwent a lung transplant! She is doing awesome! #MakingAmericaStronger

Making an East Coast to West Coast connection. Our little Massachusetts based non-profit in California donating $600.00 in Gift certificates to the family of an amazing young woman who just underwent a lung transplant. #MakingAmericaStronger


Feb 112017

Our event last night “Fill it for Phil” was amazing – thank you to everyone that came out to join us and assisted in the event – Angels made some new friends!

Amazing fundraiser for a family who lost a loved one. So much love & friendship. The B’water Community is amazing.

Donation to assist with final expenses. Great event pulled together in less than a week. Amazing community support. #MakingAmericaStronger

Jan 312017

Bag of baby clothes donated to an emergency foster family taking in a little baby girl. Thank you to them!!! #MakingAmericaStronger

Gift certificate to a family that lost their son to Military service and experienced some negativity. #MakingAmericaStronger #SupportOurTroops

Flowers to our VP’s husband who is in the hospital. Hoping he is out SOON! We love you! #MakingAmericaStronger #RandomActsOfKindness

Flowers to a supporter who is in the hospital. Hoping for a quick recovery. Get well! #MakingAmericaStronger #RandomActsOfKindness

Gift certificate to John Apazidis to thank him for his amazing generosity of a building to assist us with Christmas help! #MakingAmericaStronger

2 1/2 dozen stuffed animals and 6 filled backpacks to a BP Student for her senior project. #MakingAmericaStronger #FutureGeneration

Credit to Bridgewater Vet Clinic for two bags of specialized dog food. #MakingAmericaStronger#RandomActsOfKindness

$100.00 to a birthday party to make a young boys special day a little brighter. Happy 8th birthday!!#MakingAmericaStronger #Birthdays

One of our shirts to a reporter that helped us do something kind for a Military family. Thank you Nicholas Filipas! #MakingAmericaStronger

Jan 192017

Huge thank you to John Apazidis for giving us a “home” for the Christmas season.

We were able to help 56 families with Christmas gifts and a meal as well to 6 of them.

3 states and many towns!!!

It was MUCH easier with the space he provided for FREE!!

#MakingAmericaStronger #Greatest Supporters #ChristmasWishes

Jan 152017

Thank you Scott Curley and Gina Reppucci for the donation. We appreciate it!!

Look at the donation we got tonite!! This gives us a great start for next year! Thank you Middleboro Chiropractic. #MakingAmericaStronger#GreatestSupporters #100DaysOfChristmas

Donation from Eastern Bank. Thank you for the assistance! #MakingAmericaStronger #Charity #Donate#easternbank

Donation from #bridgewatersavings. Thank you! #MakingAmericaStronger#amazingsupporters#BridgewaterSavingsBank