Jan 312017

Bag of baby clothes donated to an emergency foster family taking in a little baby girl. Thank you to them!!! #MakingAmericaStronger

Gift certificate to a family that lost their son to Military service and experienced some negativity. #MakingAmericaStronger #SupportOurTroops

Flowers to our VP’s husband who is in the hospital. Hoping he is out SOON! We love you! #MakingAmericaStronger #RandomActsOfKindness

Flowers to a supporter who is in the hospital. Hoping for a quick recovery. Get well! #MakingAmericaStronger #RandomActsOfKindness

Gift certificate to John Apazidis to thank him for his amazing generosity of a building to assist us with Christmas help! #MakingAmericaStronger

2 1/2 dozen stuffed animals and 6 filled backpacks to a BP Student for her senior project. #MakingAmericaStronger #FutureGeneration

Credit to Bridgewater Vet Clinic for two bags of specialized dog food. #MakingAmericaStronger#RandomActsOfKindness

$100.00 to a birthday party to make a young boys special day a little brighter. Happy 8th birthday!!#MakingAmericaStronger #Birthdays

One of our shirts to a reporter that helped us do something kind for a Military family. Thank you Nicholas Filipas! #MakingAmericaStronger